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"Yoram Gazit, many thanks to Yoram for putting this together, The experience was amazing. I will attend every retreat that I can. I will remember this event for the rest of my life."

"I just wanted to thank you for putting on the event, it was great. Thank you also for adding the option of being a spectator as I was not able to participate in the actual training. This was the first seminar I went to since Rickson Gracie in 1996. The entire event was great and I hope you come back to Canada soon."

"First of all I would like to say: Wow - what a great time - I loved every second of the experience and I would be happy to fly into another city for every seminar. I have been practicing Judo and BJJ, but wow did I ever like the Boxing / MuayThai / Clinch work; if only I could go to the gym every day. Keep the mix the same.
Having contact with the 'Stars' of MMA was a privilege and definitely encourages us to train and never give up. I will spend more time watching fights. I was impressed with how down to earth and practical these people are, they are approachable and happy people and make me want to spend more time with them.
I always believed that high functioning athletes were geniuses - but I was simply blown away at the art and science that our instructors demonstrated. Respect. Although I will never function at their level in the game, I derive intense pleasure during training and their interest and devotion to help me at my level of ability will be remembered for the rest of my life; Yoram - you are my hero, thank you for your hard work in organizing that weekend, keep me on your mailing list."

Francis McNamara

"Just sending you this email to thank you for organizing this past weekend's seminar in Montreal. The Tristar gym was a great location and all the trainers were all helpful, available and approachable.  I have picked up many moves that I will add to my toolbox. Even though Kenny Florian and Greg Jackson could not be there, all the other fighters and trainers gave more of their time to make up for it and it was appreciated by everybody attending.

Hoping to attend another one of your seminars in the near future."

Steven Klosterman

"Hello Yoram, I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for a great event. ...It was such an honor to meetFedor…There were many great aspects to the event... I would be very interested in any opportunities to assist in future events."

Ken Squires

"Thank you, thank you! I had a great time and decided to join my local gym after participating the PWR in Chicago. I wish I had the words to tell you what a great thing PWR is for the fans. I used to be a huge Nascar Fan and I went to the Richard Petty Experience to  drive a NASCAR race car. This was very fun, but Tony Stewart was not in the car showing me how to drive it. As a fan being able to have one-on-one interaction with the athletes you cheer for and admire is an experiences I will never forget."

Chicago, IL - November 2009

Jason McCranie

"I just wanted to say thank you again for putting the Chicago event together.  It was  great to hang out with you and jeremy over the weekend and it really was an incredible life experience to be there to meet the instructors and people that participated.

Congratulations on a great event, I know it was very rewarding to see your vision of Fedor at a PWR become a reality at this event. Let me know when the next PWR is and I will plan to attend."

Chicago, IL - November 2009

Ben Wilcox

"Awesome retreat Yoram! An unbelievable weekend of training and great fights.... Fedor is the man! Looking forward to future PWR events."

Chicago, IL - November 2009


"Thanks for the seminar this past weekend in Chicago. I had a great time and learned alot. The fights on Saturday night were amazing as well. I cant wait to attend another, perhaps in Minnesota??? Great weekend Yoram!"

Chicago, IL - November 2009

MGySgt S.T. Franklin

"We found the seminar very beneficial, meeting and training with such a wide array of talented martial artists was fantastic. We look forward to continuing to send representatives to future seminars."

San Diego, CA - February 2005


Derek Hughes
Customer Service Supervisor

"Hello Yoram,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for putting on a great seminar. The weekend was amazing from a training standpoint I learned lots.

The ability to train with these people was a dream come true. The ability to connect with them on a personal level and talk about all aspects of life was something I can't put into words. This weekend has only furthered my desire to become a fighter.

I will look forward to any information you have in the future about retreats in Canada or elsewhere next year. Yoram if I can do anything to assist the retreat in any way please don't hesitate to contact me I would love to attempt to pay you back for everything you have given us.

In closing again words can express the gratitude I have for you as a person and as a man for taking the time to set this up and give everybody a chance to live like a superstar even if just for a few days. "

Toronto, Canada - Sept 2008

Ben Wilcox

"Thank you so much for this event. I had an awesome time. I will definitely be coming to more of your seminars in the future.

I live in Colorado--an easy drive to Denver. If you ever plan to have the PWR in Colorado again, please let me know--I am more than happy to help you in any way."

Toronto, Canada - Sept 2008

John Edwards

"It was an excellent experience to practice the different martial arts under the same roof"

Malibu, CA - May 2004

Michael Smith

"I really got to learn new techniques, and knowing it came from the best I feel like I earned something I will cherish for the rest of my life."

Malibu, CA - May 2004

Jim Magadone

"A fantastic opportunity to train directly with some of the word's top martial arts instructors.
The variety of styles really complimented each other making for a complete mental experience."

Malibu, CA - May 2004

Sherry La Maison

"Unbelievable experience & an incredible honor to train with the best of the best! The trainers did a wonderful job. I look forward to participating in future events!."

Cordillera, CO - November 2004

 Jay Beckley

"The seminar was awesome - everything I expected and more.. The mix of classes was excellent. I got very well rounded experience, techniques and attitude / approaches to combat. Each part was excellent, different from the others, and they all come together really nicely.  Getting to hang out with some of the greatest warriors in the world was really a highlight.."

Cordillera, CO - November 2004

 Nestor Danilo Ahumada Saez

"Lot's of content, really quality stuff. The whole organization, everything 1st class. Keep up the excellent work and I'm already looking forward to the next retreat. Thanks for having this."

Cordillera, CO - November 2004

John Antonioli, 40, Peace Officer, Stevenson Ranch, CA w

"This is a blast!To learn so much from the best, it's a blast."

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

 Mercedes Medina, 30, MMA Junkie/Mother, Santa Barbara, CA

"It was great training with all the pros. They were really helpful. They had no egos, just genuine people. I think I left with a crush on Stephan Bonnar"

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

 Ole Alvarez, 12 , Student,
Whittier, CA

"You learn stuff that you don't get in a regular gym and it comes from the professionals"

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

Otto Knudsen, 33, Gym Owner, Odense, Denmark

"I can't bring all this instruction into my gym, in one day! Great seminar."

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

Angie Harer, 36
Computer Analyst, Gilroy, CA

"This is awesome. My husband and I just heard about the seminar this week. We had to take off work, no sleep from driving, but we feel great. We couldn't pass up the opportunity."

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

 George Ilyadis, 35, Gym Owner, Albany, NY

"This is great diversity of training… and people."

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

 Drew Blackman, 33, jobless slug, West Hills, CA

"Man that was the coolest thing I've ever done, all those pros. I think I have a crush on Jon Fitch.""

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008

Eddie Trotter, 21, College student, Omaha, NE

As a wrestler, this has convinced me that my post graduate job will include MMA fighting."

Simi Valley, CA June, 2008



Benny "The Jet" Urquidez

"It was a wonderful experience, it was amazing to see such caliber of instructors come together and share the knowledge.  We all experiences this feeling of warriorship and camaraderie.  Training in nature was great, I have never experienced something like this before. I recommend it for everyone. I am looking forward for the next one."

See Benny's Video Testimonial

Malibu, CA - July 2004

Gokor Chivichyan
"The Armenian Assassin"

"I give a lot of seminars across the country, and across Europe. The Paradise Warrior Retreat Center was different. For the first time, we stayed together with the students. We were able to eat together, train together, party together, and above all feel the special feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood of warriors, I recommend it to everyone, instructors, fighters and people with no experience"

Malibu, CA - May 2004

Bas "El Guapo" Rutten

"The workshop that we gave in Cordillera, Colorado was awesome. I didn't hear a single person complain. The location was unbelievable beautiful and the people who were teaching were very nice to everybody. Gene, Gokor, Benny, Matt, Eric and I had a great time with everybody. If you decide to come and train you can pick yourself what you want to do, Yoga, Kick boxing, Grappling, other striking, MMA, meditation, everything is available and is fun to do. I had a great time and will be on the next one for sure, I don't want
to miss this, and trust me when I tell you, you don't want to miss it either! Hope to see you in February!"

Cordillera, CO - November 2004

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This is my fifth time here. As long as there is Paradise warrior retreat I'll go. They leave me feeling so uplifted. For weeks after, I think it's the best Martial Art Retreat out.
Thank you guys.

Matt Reid
San Bruno, Ca (via England)

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

Excellent people, great instruction, very warm and supportive atmosphere that makes learning a JOY. I look fwd to coming back as often as I can.

Ryan Moalemi
San diego, CA

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

It was very good and I would come back anytime.

Patrick Lobsinger
Ontario, Canada

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

Seminar was the best I have ever experienced. All instructors were very personable and gave an unbelieable amount of quality instruction. I plan to attend any and all future seminars. Thanks to all that helped make this happen.

Jason Harvey

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

This is an awesome one in a lifetime retreat. It is very personable and you get great training with the fighters. The knowledge that I have gained here is some that I could use asap.
Thank you for a great experience.

Mike Sierra,
San Jose, CA

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

I think this was the best yet. It's always awesome. I think Saturday night is a bit unproductive just listening to those police officers lecturing rather than training... but that is the only thing I would change. Everything else is great. Thanks.

Brenner Ault
San Diego, CA

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

The best course ever, no complants. Would love to see Cung Le as Instructor. And would be super fantastic if the Warrior Retreat was held in Las Vegas.
Thank you for everything.

Joseph Goold
Mahia Park , Auckland
New Zealand

Simi Valley, CA - July 2007

I had a great time at the Wat Gym the experience was unbelievable.. driving from Massachusetts was well worth it and I look forward to your upcoming events... def want to see the pics!

Jason Baptista

New York, NY - May 2011

Such an amazing time. How will we know when pics or video are up? Thanks again for everything.

Jamie Kilstein

New York, NY - May 2011

Great 2nd day - thank you for the picture guys.

Salomon Dayan

New York, NY - May 2011


The Paradise Warrior Retreat family congratulates Jon Jones on his stunning victory in UFC 128 against the former UFC world light heavy weight champions, Shogun Rua. Defeating Shogun by TKO on the third round made Jon Jones the youngest world UFC champion ever. Jon Jones, who had started to train in mix martial arts only three years ago, proved last night to be one of the most talented fighters the UFC had ever had with a record of thirteen and one (disqualification because of an illegal elbow) and a belt around his waist of the light heavy weight division. With recieving the UFC light heavy weight belt, Jon Jones put himself in line with all the other UFC legends to hold it like: Chuck Lidell, Randy Cotoure, Leoto Machida,Shogun Rua and Rashad Evans. Rashad Evans, the former UFC light heavy weight champions, who had to withdraw due to injury, from his title shot fight against Shogun, will get his second chance to get his belt from the current UFC champion and his training partner, Jon Jones in the very near future.

Whether you are an expert, novice or a mixed martial arts fan, the Paradise Warrior Retreat is giving you a once in a lifetime chance to train and interact with these legendary world champions and their coaches. Come be a part of our fantasy camp and get a life dream come true to train, wine and dine with Jon Jones, Rashad Evans and their legendary trainers and coaches, Phil Nurse, Greg Jackson and Firas Zahabi , at the Wat Gym in New York City on May 6th to the 8th. For registration go to prices and signups and make your dream come true.


Written by Gary Whittaker
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 18:12

I was fortunate enough to attend the 1st ever Paradise Warrior Retreat in Montreal last weekend on behalf of Authority MMA and Lifestyle Magazine. This was PWR's 2nd time in Canada, and the 1st time Tristar and Zahabi MMA opened its doors to the public for a seminar with coaches of this caliber. In addition to Firas Zahabi, the list of high profile coaches included former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, highly touted prospect Jon "Bones" Jones, Muay Thai coach Phil Nurse from New York and legendary BJJ coach John Danaher. I was one of the privileged few who were allowed media accreditation for this seminar, and it was an experience I will never forget.

Paradise Warrior Retreat founder Yoram Gazit was not only impressed with the city of Montreal, but also his new found bond with Firas Zahabi. He talks about the success of the seminar in Montreal, and his plans to return whenever and however Firas wants!

Download the interview with PWR Founder Yoram Gazit in MP3 format

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez at PWR

Jon Fitch at the Paradise
Warrior Retreat

BJ Penn teaching at the
Paradise Warrior Retreat

Benny The Jet

Kevin Randelman teaches at PWR

Shawn Tompkins teaches at PWR

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our current
Seminar press

Big Brother
Click image to enlarge

The Paradise Warrior Retreat wants to congratulate Lihi Griner, it's hostess for the last five years, at being second runner up at  the big brother-Israel.  Lihi, who had made aliya to Israel a year ago, integrated well into the Israeli society, was chosen to the show, persevered many crises at the house and became the crowd favorite.  CONGRATULATIONS LIHI GRINER.

Weekend Warrior: A Report (And Workout)
From a Martial Arts Retreat (click to view)

FOXNews.com - Breaking News, Video News, World News, Entertainment News, Health News & More

Click image to enlarge
Simi Valley Daily News Article
July 22, 2007

Ventura County Star features
Paradise Warrior Retreat at Simi Valley, CA

Click image above to read article

 Ventura County Star,  March 28,2006

FOXNews.com - Breaking News, Video News, World News, Entertainment News, Health News & More
Fox News Report on Paradise
Warrior Retreat at Simi Valley, CA

"SIMI VALLEY, CA - An unusual seminar.. participants learn about the principals and the strategies of fighting, which can be applied in sports,  and in combat.."

 See Video Testimonial

 Fox News,  March 2006

Paradise Warrior Retreat
a Hit in Colorado

"CORDILLERA, CO - The second Paradise Warrior Retreat was recently held here at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera. Among the seminar presenters were Matt Hughes, Bas Rutten and Black Belt Hall of Fame members Gokor Chivichyan and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.

In between seminars covering grappling, striking and submission fighting, numerous comments made by the instructors pointed to the deep respect they care for one another.
"Benny, you never backed down," Hughes said to the former kickboxing champion as he lauded his accomplishments in the ring.

"I saw you fight in Holland in 1984 - I was in the crowd," Rutten added. "It was the first time Dutch fans cheered for an opponent who was not one of their own.

During the flight back to Los Angeles, Rutten remarked, "It was a historical night to watch the fighters of the past sharing experiences with the present warriors and passing the torch to the next generation".

The next paradise Warrior Retreat will be held February 25-27, 2005 in San Diego. The instructors will include no-holds-barred fighter Pat Miletich and wing chun kung fu stylist Eric Oram, as well as Rutten, Urquidez, Chivichyan and Hughes. For more information, visit http://www.paradisewarriorretreat.com

BlackBelt Magazine,  March 2005

Bikram Tackles Martial Artists

"Without the fanfare of a 500 gun salute that he would likely relish, Bikram greeted a little group of martial artists on Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend at The Paradise Warrior Retreat in Malibu. Why did this yoga legend, who can easily make $50,000 a weekend, as he reminded us, take time for this small gathering - gratis?

Because he said, it's a beautiful day, and I have something to say..."

LA Yoga, July 2004 issue

Warrior Training Camp Held in Malibu

"Malibu, CA - A student body of martial artists recently gathered here to celebrate the spirit of the martial arts and work out with some of the biggest names in the industry at the Paradise Warrior Retreat Center.

Among the instructors were Black Belt Hall of Fame members Benny Urquidez, Gene Lebell and Gokor Chivichyan. Also teaching were win chun kung fu stylist Eric Oram, a frequent contributor to Black Belt, and Karo Parisian, a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The next Paradise Warrior Retreat training event will take place in November 2004 in Eagle, Colorado."

Black Belt, July 2004 issue

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting..

"Martial arts Benny "The Jet" Urquidez shows off some moves at the Paradise Warrior Retreat this weekend in Malibu. The retreat offered a variety of martial arts activities."

The Malibu Times, June 3, 2004

The Warrior Retreat: An MMA Indicator
Written by Robert M. Tindall
July 27. 2008 Simi Valley, CA Seminar

Last week during an interview Dana White released a few bombs onto the MMA landscape, and I'm not talking about his typical F-bombs; the biggest being, Anderson Silva's decision to move up to 205lbs. However, there were two things that stood out as more important. White stated, "Right now is a great time to be a MMA fan." Then he reiterated a previous announcement that, "In the next eight years MMA will be the biggest professional sport on the globe." What I witnessed on June 27th at the Warrior Retreat in Simi Valley,CA is evidence that suggests Mr. White just might be the second coming of Nostradamus. This retreat contained two key ingredients that will make Mr. White's statements a reality; ethnic and cultural diversity of a fan base and the accessibility that those fans have to the sports biggest stars.

On this balmy Saturday morning in southern California a handful of MMA fans and fighters began the day-long Warrior Retreat. By all accounts this retreat is the best in the world. Simply stated Gokor Chivicyan of Hayastan academy, said, "This seminar is very good, possibly number one in the world. To have so many good instructors and fighters brought together in one place is what sets it apart." These are the words of a man who instructs at nearly 100 seminars worldwide each year.

The day began with a short opening ceremony. The instructors were introduced through a list of their achievements. Once those were rattled off and the national anthem was sung the training started. After a brief transition period, Cung Le, Strikeforce middleweight champion, started the seminar by calling the participants to the mat. While on the mat Le was all over the place; he would demonstrate a technique and then patrol the mat motivating each of the approximately 50 participants while they practiced their newly found skill. This was an intense session and after fifteen minutes there was not a dry body in the place. It was at this time that I wondered if these participants realized they had another 6 to 7 hours of this hands-on training.

After a ten minute break, Jon Fitch, UFC's, #1 contender for the welterweight belt, arrived and took the seminar to another level. He demonstrated various takedowns and how to defend them. His lighthearted humorous approach allowed all the participants to focus on the instruction. His one-to-one attention harkened to the fact that this man holds an Indiana state teaching credential. When asked about his thoughts on the seminar Fitch remarked, "You can't beat it, this is a nice set-up, I like having all the instructors in one place."If there was anyone that walked into the retreat who was not a Jon Fitch fan, I guarantee they are now.

Following Fitches training session the fighters/participants were allowed to enjoy lunch in the resort restaurant. After lunch, with their belly's full and bodies rested the participants engaged in several striking and takedown defense techniques with UFC light heavy weight, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, while the participants looked lethargic from lunch, Sokoudjou's energy quickly changed the atmosphere. When asked his thoughts on the seminar, Sokoudjou's response was simple,"Awesome" he continued to state, "I do seminars in four different countries and none are like this one." What followed Sokoudjou's instruction can simply be described as awe-inspiring. Two men walked onto the mat side by side. From the center of the mat, while the participants sat and chatted with each other, a loud bang echoed throughout the room. When the dust quickly settled one man was left standing at the epicenter. Gokor Chivicyan, of Hayastan Academy in North Hollywood, CA had just effortlessly downed his adversary with a tenacious flying wheel judo throw. This set the tone for the next 90 minutes. From there the charismatic Armenian continued to demonstrate techniques that had every participant's full and undivided attention.

The instructional part of the seminar concluded with Stephan Bonnar leading the group in boxing drills. In participant, Mercedes Medina's words, "we should have started with Bonnar's instruction. It made us aware of our bodies and our footwork. We were so tired when Bonnar started that it was difficult to focus." Nonetheless, Mr. Bonnar gave unparalleled instruction. As each of the participants went though their drills he coached them as individuals and not a group. Ms. Medina went on to state, "it was his personal attention that enabled us to get through the drills and retain the techniques he was teaching."

At the end of the instructional period, the seminar as a whole moved to the sports bar where dinner was served and the participants received achievements certificates, signed by all the instructors. What follows are numerous quotes from a few of the participants on their experience at The Warrior Retreat. Please note the diversity of the participants'. I believe this to be just another example of why, "In the next eight years MMA will be the biggest professional sport on the globe.

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