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Paradise Warrior Retreat (PWR) is proud to announce that Showtime and ESPN Sportscaster Jenn Brown will be the special guest host and moderator for Day #2 of Paradise Warrior Retreat 14! 
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Jennifer Swift is a model and writer for TapouT Magazine, Co-host on B-Real TV, Limp Bizkit video Vixen, MMA Cage Girl, Pro Elite Ring Girl, Co-Host on B-Real TV with Cypress Hill's front man B-Real . You may also recognize her as the featured girl in the new Limp Bizkit video Gold Cobra.


Fabrico Werdrum Trolls Reebok, Unveiling New Nike Fight Kit For UFC 207

Fabrico Werdrum, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight is bound by the promotion' exclusive sponsorship.

Werdrum, recently posted a photo on Instagram saying "I'm not generic, I'm Nike since I was a kid." In addition, it was followed by a hashtag that said which translated to "suck my balls." Although this might not be a good thing, yet Werdrum is not the first UFC champion to speak bas about Reebok.

This is because with UFC's deal with Reebok to exclusively use Reebok's products for fight week, the wallets of players saw a downtime.

The pay scale is based on tenure with Zuffa-owned promotions, such a the UFC and the now-defunct WEC. Although Werdum is a former champion and a top-three heavyweight, his 11 octagon fights make up only a fraction of his overall professional experience.

Werdum said his goal is to make sure sponsors know he can sign deals to represent brands outside of those UFC events.

"I also wanted to say that it's important that other sponsors know that - sometimes other big sponsors don't come to you because they think you have exclusivity with Reebok," Werdum said. "I have no exclusivity with Reebok, it's only during the fight and that's it. Because that's how it goes and we can't do anything about it. But outside of the octagon, that's where things show up the most, at social media, that's where they show the brand, at training. It's nice to clarify that, outside the UFC, I can have the sponsors I want."

Meanwhile, Werdrum would try to earn his position back in the heavyweight title by rematching Cain Velasquez at the UFC 207 pay-per view.

France Bans MMA Under New Regulations On Combat Sports

Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as MMA has been banned in France as an official sport under the new combat sport regulations in the country.

This has caused the official MMA Federation in France to announce that they will be legally challenging the new laws put in place by the French Sports Ministry, reported Sky Sports.

Notably, MMA has gained popularity over the years due to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has been starred by Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping & Rhonda Rousey.

The latest French regulations, however, provide hindrance to the events of MMA in France. According to a press release released by the French Sports Ministry on Wednesday, the octagonal cages along with the integral techniques used in UFC has been outlawed for security and regulations.

"Fights will take place on a carpet or in a ring with three or four ropes. The corners of the ring will be protected,' the report read.

In addition, certain techniques like punches, kicks, blows to the genitals or spine has also been prohibited. Moreover, pulling the hair, biting or throwing the opponent out of the ring or on head and shoulders has also been prohibited in the new law.

CFMMA is also unrecognised by the state of France, meaning it does not qualify as a regular combat sport.

"It's amazing given the timing and it is disrespectful," CFMMA president Bertrand Amoussou told L'Express in response to the report.

"I hoped it would not come to this but the CFMMA will launch a legal action to contest this decree."

Joseph Benavidez Speaks Out Slamming Henry Cejudo

Joseph Benavidez already had an idea about Henry Cejduo's latest UFC season, prior to spending six weeks with him.

Although Benavidez didn't think ill of Cejduo, yet he noted that he was a little self absorbed and went to speak only about himself. Thus, after six weeks of his training in the reality show, Benavidez mentioned that he might not need to extra hard to make Cejudo look bad because Cejduo took care of it himself, reported Fox Sports.

"I don't have to say a ton. I feel like he makes a fool of himself a lot, basically talking about himself," Benavidez told FOX Sports. "This is honestly what started rubbing me wrong at first — we have 16 fighters there who all have their own stories and it's kind of about them. We're not fighting, yes eventually we're going to fight, but we're there to coach.

Notably, to keep his focus on the playes, Benavidez took an effort to covering the name on the jersey of the players competing this week. So if former UFC fighter Tim Elliott was about to fight, Benavidez would write "Team Elliott" on a piece of tape and cover up his own name on the back of his shirt.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for Benavidez and Cejudo, who seems to have more experience at their coaches, and with people shouting their names during matches and team practice.

Probably the biggest issue Benavidez had with Cejudo throughout the course of the show was his constant badgering about fighters being role models. "I am first and foremost myself and if I inspire people that's great, but if I'm inspiring them I know it's because I'm being myself. That's more rewarding than trying inspire someone by shouting some generic lines that other people say," mentioned Benavidez.

The rivalry with Cejudo will play out on December 3 at "The Ultimate Fighter" finale in Las Vegas.

Michael Bisping To Face Off George St Pierre; Dana White Disagrees

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has recently mentioned that he has verbally agreed to fight George St Pierre at UFC 206 starting from Dec. 10 in Toronto.

However, the UFC president Dana White has mentioned that no such thing is occurring.

Bisping, recently called out St Pierre on the social media on Tuesday claiming that he has already agreed to face the Canadian star and was presently waiting for him to accept.

"We all want more money," Bisping wrote on Twitter, "But let's go, sign the papers. Give the people of Toronto what they want, be a hero! Let's go champ!" Meanwhile, ESPN reported that White has mentioned in a text message that the matchup would not happen.

"There is no Bisping vs. GSP fight in Toronto," White said. "I know Mike wants it but it's not happening."

Consequently, Bisping or his manger did not comment on the same. On the other hand, St Pierre responded with a video message on Wednesday.

"Nothing would make me more happy in the world to fight you in Toronto, Michael," he said. "Last week I met with Ari [Emanuel, CEO of WME and new UFC owner] and I made peace with Dana [White]. I tried to resolve things but unfortunately, right now, it's not happening. Hopefully things will change soon. Thank you."

St Pierre, who is a former welterweight champion, dropped a bombshell last week announcing that he has terminated the contract with UFC. Jim Quinn, his attorney, mentioned that St Pierre's legal team has found that UFC is in breach of contract, and thus the fighter is a free agent.

Fighting out of Tristar MMA in Montreal, St-Pierre hasn't fought since a decision win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013.

Real Madrid Open To Hosting A UFC Fight Featuring Conor McGregor

Real Madrid has already been popular and filling up the stands, thanks to Cristanio Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. However, now the team is considering adding the UFC star Conor McGregro to the list, and thinks that it can also draw in the same crowd.

"[The club] would be glad if we could make a UFC event," a Real Madrid spokesman told Irish radio station NewsTalk late last week about a McGregor fight.

However, due to Real Madrid's football schedule, it might need to be hosted from May to July, mentioned the spokesperson. He also mentioned that the organizers of the Bernabeu stadium would require some time for the preparation of the stands for the grand event.

McGregor, who was recently fined by the Nevada state athletic commission's $150,000 for throwing a water bottle during a press conference, was unavailable for any comments. Notably, McGregor has vouched that he will not be returning to the ring after the incident. Thus, the event of Real Madrid holds a special flavor for fans of

both, UFC and Real Madrid. However, McGregor is friendly with Ronaldo, and the friendship has seemed to extend over the last couple of months.

Meanwhile, UFC has not provided any official confirmation about the hosting of an event at Bernebeu, Notably, the promotion does host global events, so a Real Madrid event might not be a far – fetched idea at the moment.

Be it anything, UFC and Real Madrid fans will have to wait and see how soon the UFC fight might occur. "Our stadium can hold more than 80,000 fans," the Real Madrid spokesman told NewsTalk.

As for McGregor, he is presently preparing to face off Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt at UFC 205.

Reebok Protest of Fabricio Werdum Cost Him His Gig

A social media outburst against Reebok, who is the official apparel provider of UFC, has caused in the removal of Fabricio Werdum as the commentator.

Earlier this week, Werdum, 39, posted an image on Instagram with him wearing a Reebok uniform with a Nike Logo. The caption of the image said "not generic" in Portuguese In another Instagram post on Friday, Werdum stated he had been terminated from his role as a UFC broadcaster in Latin America, due to his criticism of Reebok, reported ESPN.

"I just want to make everything clear about my post of Nike and Reebok," Werdum wrote. "I did this to protest about the sponsorship. Before Reebok got into UFC, all the fighters used to do a lot of money with other sponsors, including me, and now they paying me only $5,000 per fight.

"I didn't get penalized because I have no contract with [Reebok], but they cut me out of the TV broadcast."

UFC officials however, were unavailable for comment on the incident. Notably, Werdum will be facing Cain Velasquez at UFC 207 on Dec. 30. Under the Reebok-UFC deal, signed in 2014, Werdum is eligible to receive $10,000 per fight. As a champion in his fight against Stipe Miocic, he made $40,000.

UFC Champion Anthony Pettis' Three Cars Set On Fire; Pettis' ‘Life Was Put On Danger'

Early Thursday morning three cars belonging to the former UFC champion Anthony Pettis were set on fire outside his home in Milwaukee.

The incident, which occurred at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning has been treated as arson and is being investigated by the local police, mentioned New York Post. The cops mentioned that an unidentified subject applied accelerant on two of Pettis' cars and set them on fire, and it spread to the third vehicle.

"I am a fighter. I won't be defeated by this. I am also extremely confused and saddened by the events that occurred," Pettis wrote Friday morning in an Instagram post. "I am grateful that no one was harmed by this cowardly act. My life as well as my loved ones were put in danger."

The local Police Department, however, was quite prompt in their actions, and visited the venue and extinguished the three burning vehicles before it could damage Pettis' house.

"I saw a car speeding through the neighborhood," witness Carson Blaszak told Fox 6. "Right around the same time as that happened, there was kind of a large bang. … It was three cars caught on fire."

Pettis (19-5) is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, and became an instant star when he knocked out Benson Henderson with a "super kick" in 2010.

Unfortunately, his championship title was shortlived, when he lost three consecutive fights to drop down to featherweight.

Pettis got back on track with a very solid victory over Charles Oliveira in August. Pettis is now in training for his next fight, against Max Holloway at UFC 206 on Dec. 10.

UFC Fighter Jessica Eye To Take A One Year Break Before "One More Chance" In UFC

Jessica Eye might have seen tough days, however, she was really devastated emotionally when Bethe Correia was declared the winner in the UFC 203 fight hosted in Cleveland.

The said match was supposed to be Eye's introduction to the women's bantamweight division with a victory in her hometown. Unfortunately, Eye went home with her fourth consecutive loss in UFC and was released consequently.

Eye knew that her fight in Cleveland was a deciding one but it was tougher to accept the loss, especially after she believed from the bottom of her heart that she deserved the victory.

"I know I won that fight. I know I did," Eye told FOX Sports. "I knew I had (rounds) one and two. Going into the third round, I knew I could keep moving around, put the pressure on and move and show them action, I'm still just as fresh as the first round.

Eye was unable to come out of the fight unscathed. She not only dislocated her pinky finger, but also bit through her own lip during the fight. Her dislocated pinky stopped her from throwing in good punches after second round.

"Unfortunately it just didn't go that way. I need to grapple more. That's something I need to do. I'm not just a striker. I go in there and I only use a tiny bit of what I'm able to do and it's frustrating," said Eye, while speaking about the match later.

Nevertheless, after the match, Eye received a call from the UFC president Dana White, who let her know that she was not being released, and she will be given one more chance.

White spoke to Eye about consulting a sports psychologist to help her cope up with the situation, and get past her mental roadblocks.

Rather than rush back to the Octagon trying to erase the bad memory of a tough split-decision loss, Eye instead decided to go in the complete opposite direction. She wasn't going to take this second chance for granted.

The time off will give Eye the chance to refocus on herself and getting better rather than immediately shifting her attention to another training camp with a fight just a few months away. It's been a long time since Eye was able to just enjoy herself and live life without worrying about the next fight around the corner.

"I'm not going out there and getting destroyed by these girls. I'm losing split decisions. They are competitive fights. I realize now no one wants to see a competitive fight in this sport, they want to see a finish. So maybe that's what I need to spend this year on — learning how to finish," mentioned Eye.


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Testimonials from the PWR Dream Team Event in Montreal, Canada

"Wow - what a great time - Having contact with the 'Stars' of MMA was a privilege and definitely encourages us to train and never give up. Yoram - you are my hero, thank you for your hard work in organizing that weekend, keep me on your mailing list."

Highest regards,

"Yoram Gazit, many thanks to Yoram for putting this together, The experience was amazing. I will attend every retreat that I can. I will remember this event for the rest of my life."



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