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How to Utilize Resistance Bands for MMA Training

Functional fitness is an important aspect of any healthy body. To reach that level of fitness you need to have a workout routine accompanied by a good nutrition plan. One of the most effective things you will need for a good workout routine is a resistance band. You can use it for exercising the arms, legs, back, and shoulder muscles as explains below.

MMA fighters frequently use the resistance band for their training sessions. The key to using the resistance band is to attain speed, strength, and power. It also enables the fighters to attain control and balance to pull off effective fighting combinations.

If you are an MMA fighter and are coming out of a long-term injury, you can use a resistance band to ease you into your normal workout routines. Below are a few resistance band exercises performed by MMA fighters.

Leg Exercises

MMA fighters require good footwork for control, stability, and powerful kick combinations. Resistance bands will give your legs the strength and freedom to move with high speed and intensity. It also gives you balance which is an advantage in the fighting arena. Resistance bands also help develop leg muscles thus enabling stability and composure during MMA practice or fights.

A good leg exercise to start with is the lateral-band steps that develop the hip abductor muscles and quads. Place the band around your legs, and place it around the ankles or above the knees depending on your level of expertise. Placing it around your ankles is harder compared to above the knees.

While assuming the quarter-squat position, take a step forward with your right leg followed by left leg until you get back to your first stance. Control is the key to this exercise. Repeat the same process, but this time start with your left leg. Do the exercise 15 times.

Another leg exercise is the one and one-quarter squats. MMA fighters usually utilize this type of exercise to develop their knee stability, hip abductor muscles, quads, and hamstrings.

First, you should position the band above the knee and engage your core. Squat slowly until your lower leg is at 90 degrees with the upper leg and then back slowly to one-quarter of the full distance. Return to the 90 degrees posture, and back full distance the second time.

This exercise is sort of like performing a mini-squat within a full-squat. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Arm Exercises

One of the most common resistance band workouts for MMA fighters to grow their punch power and strength is the biceps curls. The workout routine targets your biceps muscles giving you strength in every punch thrown during a match.

Step on one end of the resistance band with both feet while holding the other end with your palm facing up. Curl the resistance upwards to shoulder height and then back to the normal position at a slow pace to effectively feel the impact. This exercise will engage your core and push it to its limits. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Another exercise is the tricep kicks. This exercise targets the tricep muscles as the name suggests. The tricep exercise gives a fighter power to throw fast and heavy punches. Assuming a similar stance to the bicep routine, place your palms facing inwards. Keep your back flat and hinge your front body forward.

Bend your hands at 90 degrees and kick them back slowly to a horizontal position. Return the arms slowly to the 90 degrees stance and repeat the process 15 times to effectively work your muscles.

Last but not least is the forward raise exercise that is utilized by MMA athletes to work their shoulder and back muscles. The forward raise exercises give the athlete power and reach when throwing punches during matches.

With your legs shoulder-length apart, slightly position your right leg ahead and step on the band.
Hold both handles of the band with your palm facing your thighs and pull the band to your shoulder-height without bending the arms. Repeat the process 15 times to feel the impact.

Conclusion – Resistance Band Training for MMA

These workout routines followed by a good stretching session or cool down break will enable you to get into shape as an MMA fighter. You can buy a resistance band today for your MMA exercises from a supplier you can trust. Starting small in every workout routine will enable you to develop quickly and attain functional fitness you need to fight in the ring.

Welcome to Paradise Resistance Bands

Welcome to Paradise Resistance Band Training

If there is one thing that MMA athletes know it is that your training has to be versatile. Deadlifts and benchpressing will make you strong, but will they make fast, mobile or improve your co-ordination.

In most cases the answer will be no, and that is why tools like kettlebells and resistance bands are so important for high-level MMA athlete workouts. In MMA like all combat sports your opponent will always, will always be wriggling out of your grip and a strong deadlift may not necessarily translate to strength on the mat, in the ring or the cage.